Accept Invitation

Use Case - Accept Invitation


  • Guest Seeker
  • Armchair Seeker


This Use Case begins when a Guest receives an email invitation from a Guide who has setup an Outing.

Steps - Main Course

  1. The Email provides the following information to the Guest:
    1. Name and short Description of Course
    2. Meeting Location & Scheduled Time
    3. Description of the
    4. Link to the main website (suitable for any device) landing on a page specific to the course, and contains sufficient detail to be prepared for the ride.
    5. Link to the Outing on the Game site (Outing Page) which allows the following to be viewed:
      1. Again, Name & Description
      2. Back-link to the website page for the course.
      3. Meeting Location (Initial Attraction) on Map
      4. Gallery of Images for the Meeting Location (the Attraction Page)
      5. Opportunity to adjust the profile
      6. View Badges earned so far
      7. Team page


There are a number of options considered:

  • A way to add the event to your personal calendar
  • Adjusting Profile (earns a badge)
  • Viewing Badges
  • See who else is invited on your team


The use case ends when the Guest has joined the team.


Link to Flow Diagram
Link to early example of Outing Screen

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