Arrive At Attraction

Use Case - Arriving at an Attraction

The main course describes most attractions along the course. There are alternate courses:

  • Arrival at the initial attraction, where the Team assembles to start the course. In this case, the Guide follows Use Cases Pre-ride Review and Confirming Team.
  • Completion of the loop where the Team has arrived back at the start of the loop.
  • Aborting the game PLAY-30: Return to Start is an alternative as well.


TODO: Consider what happens with Solo Seeker and Armchair Seeker

  • Guest
  • Guide
  • Armchair Seeker (maybe)
  • Solo Seeker (maybe)

Main Course - Riding between attractions


  • Team / Group is in the "Riding" state travelling from "Last Stop" to the "Next Stop"
  • Guide has assured that expected Guests have all arrived and are confident they are at the right attraction.


  1. Guide pulls up Status page and confirms arrival at location.


  • Outing State changes to "At Attraction" with the most recently chosen attraction as the new "Current Attraction".
  • Solve Clue is enabled for all Guests with a single clue chosen from the pool of clues for this attraction / location.

Alternate Course - At Initial (departure) Attraction

  • This is similar to "Riding" in that the Guide is awaiting everyone's arrival at the location.
  • This differs from "Riding" in that Guests are coming from different directions and for that reason, may not yet be active in the application. Also, we want to show the "Current Attraction" as the initial meeting spot.


  • Team is gathering at the initial attraction.
  • Guide has assured that expected Guests have all arrived and have begun active sessions.


  1. Guide pulls up Status page and Confirms Team.
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