BDG UC Catalog - Award Badges API

This covers the contract between the Game application and the BadgeOS system implemented as a plugin within WordPress.

BDG-00: User

Badging begins with identifying the User Accounts — identified by an Email Address — that will be awarded badges. There are a set of Use Cases for User Admin (Maintain User UCs) which provide context for the User API between BadgeOS and the ClueRide Server.

This page is specific to the API for BadgeOS Users, which is a specific system-to-system API between ClueRide Server and the BadgeOS system.

BadgeOS User API Design goes into more implementation detail.

There may be some fields that come into the ClueRide system that we want to propagate into the WordPress record:

  • Profile Image URL
  • Website URL

The synchronize API would expand on the API described here.

Related Use Cases:

BDG-10: Badge Display

There are a few related ways that a user can see what badges they have earned. BDG-11 and BDG-12 are the two that are supported by this API.

BDG-20: Progress and Criteria

BDG-30: Send Event

BDG-60: Maintain Badges





  • Future: Can I create a BadgeOS User from the credential information I capture with my Auth0 implementation?
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