Badge Checklist


ID Description
1 Enter the Badge within the Constellation
2 Create the Badge within Word Press BadgeOS
3 Add the Criteria to the Badge within BadgeOS
4 Verify the Criteria by requesting the Steps object for the Badge using REST API
5 Verify that Badge's Post Author is 'Clue Ride' (automate this by adding to the views?)
6 Decide whether the Badge publishes only its "badge" page, or if there is another page that is linked from the menu
7 Menu Link to the Badge Page (or its stand-in)
8 Check that the Badge Page has a usable slug
9 Does it have support from the API
10 Assure alignment between the various lists of awardable badges


  • What is an example of #6?
  • Where is #7 recorded? Can this be automated?
  • For #8, what does "usable" mean?
  • For #9, there are a few levels of support. I want to elaborate on this.
  • For #10, what does alignment mean?


ID Description


ID Description
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