Badge Constellation

Dimensions: Options for Organizing

  • Badge Levels: Aware, Adept, Advocate, Angel
  • Categories / Roles: Playing the Game, Maintaining the Game, Community Outreach, Infrastructure
  • Methods of Awarding Badges: Single internal action by Game, Single external action visiting URL, Action linked to separate page back to App, Game Events, Manual
  • Types: Manual Steps, Nominated, Automatic from activity records (Game Mechanic vs. Credential)
  • Relationships: What badges build upon each other; rules for combining (Rolled-up Badges)
  • Along the lines of the Actors — roles that I want to define, encourage, recruit and train.
  • Simple Progressives a la Progress Chips. Within this category (not on the diagram):
    • Visiting all the Tiny Doors, all the Farmer's Markets, all the Craft Breweries, Art on the Belt-line series, Activity Themes for Streets Alive, Little Libraries, Champion Trees
    • Physical Courses with Waypoints
    • Counts of certain activities such as Breakfast Locations, Ice Cream, Monuments, Meditative spots, Arbors for Tree bathing.




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