Badge Expectations

Also see the How To for Badges & Badge Checklist

For a given Badge, the following should be setup:


  • Pages for understanding the badge and the steps required to earn the badge. These are constructed by organizing a hierarchy of achievements and steps.
  • Appropriate Image for recognizing the effort and colored according to level.

Server Side

WordPress 'Post' Table Columns

  • Author set to Clue Ride (ID 3)
  • Title set to what shows at the head of the page (may be a little longer than the text on the badge image).
  • Title should be present tense for steps that need to be completed.
  • Title should match what is on the Badge Image for final Badges.
  • Content describes what earning the badge entails. Further detail is provided when there are specific steps required to earn the badge.
  • Published when ready.
  • Post Name should follow the Badge Level (all lowercase). This is set by editing the "slug".
    • There is an exception when the Award is one of the Open or Closed Theme badges. In this case, the path will need to be a combination of the specific theme and the level.

Joined from other tables

  • Link to the Image

Available in queries

Each of the fields above plus:

  • Achievement ID
  • Parent (if any)
  • Children (if any)
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