Bicycle Routing

A recent article at was my starting point for this current summary of bicycle route planning tools:

Map sources



Organizations Creating Tools

Route Presentation

  • Google Earth - Good for allowing a "tour" of a map and visualizing the contour of a route with color-coded hill profiling.
  • Visual Route Catalog - My project to capture and present multiple tracks on a single map
  • Bike Suitability maps - ABC's color-coded routes indicating suitable cycling routes
  • Google Bike There - Google's project for recommending getting around on a bike


  • The overlay of routes that the Vancouver, BC site uses is nice.
  • Tying this in with the Bike Suitability maps that ABC has produced has worked to produce good recommended routes.
  • Several people mention wanting to use the data/site from their mobile device.
  • Criteria for selecting routes:Their map allows users to choose which of the five following aspects they want to prioritize:
    • Short
    • Fast
    • Least Interaction with Traffic
    • Simple
    • Scenic
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