Bike Suitability Maps

Atlanta Bicycle Coalition has produced paper maps showing suitable routes as recommended by local cyclists. We want to expand this to cover broader areas.

  • We would like to add the overlays as
    • "rated segments"
    • numbered routes
    • depicted by facility type
  • Shape Files are probably the best representation in a database, but we may want to present the data using Google Maps or make the data available to Google for their "Bike There" project. David Emory's A-Train tool is another possible beneficiary.


Leads to a list of UCs


Everything listed as a Primary Goal can be handled by modifying the Facility Type functionality.

  • Present the information similar to Bike Suitability Maps
  • Make the information available on-line
  • Allow capturing the information from GPX files (Garmin or Bikely for example)
  • Target specific geographic areas
    • Can start with replicating existing maps
    • Expand as data is captured and prepared for publication
    • Phased release of the data (dev, test, prod)


  • Feed information back to Google "Bike There".
  • Make the data available for export as Shape files for other programs.
  • Make the information available to David Emory's A-Train tool.

Use Cases

ActorsList - Descriptions of the Actors
Glossary - Definition of Terms

Actor - Map Maker

  • UC-CaptureRouteSegment - This will be performed using the VisCat functionality. Bike Suitability will start with a GPX file obtained from one of several different sources. No need to tie back to the original source as provided for by the defined UC.
  • UC-EditRouteSegments - Cut & Paste as well as modifying attributes of the route, such as tags, links, waypoints, cue sheets, images, elevation profiles.
  • UC-GradeRouteSegment - Enter the grade for a route segment so from then on, it carries a particular color that can be configured.

Actor - User

  • UC-SearchRoutes - Select endpoints of start & destination or locate a nearby loop.
  • UC-IdentifyRoute - Click on a route or select it's name from a list to get details about the route.
  • UC-ViewRoutes - Show the map with all routes matching criteria and presented with color coding.

Actor - Web Publisher

  • UC-PresentRoutes - Tag a selection of routes to present under a single URL.
  • UC-GradeRouteSegment - Enter the grade for a route segment so from then on, it carries a particular color that can be configured.
  • UC-EnterCommuteProfile - Capture user's information about their schedule and route for sharing with others.

Nice to have

  • Time-based difficulty levels
  • Get queue sheet (may be possible from Google maps given waypoints that need to be hit)

Ties to other Projects/Efforts/Apps

  • Track Persistence - it is possible to store tracks in the database under a particular tag or use a specific URL to retrieve these. A specific GWT module probably makes the most sense.
  • Display Elements - a design that has been explored for the Bike Train module.
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