Camera Design

Holds details about how Camera will be implemented under Ionic.
NOTE: we are using Ionic 3


Mentioned on the Camera-Based Capture page:

Questions / Notes:
- Can we pick up the lat/lon of the image?
So, my phone's gallery did not capture location information. None of the images I pulled up in the gallery contained loc info.
- The camera may need to be told that it should capture location information.

- The Resolution in the EXIF data is degrees, minutes, seconds, so not too good (+/- about 25/30 meters). We're dependent on closer to a tenth of a second.

- Capture the location with lower resolution to get a ballpark icon down and then hone it closer either by editing the location or capturing in the field.
- Grab in the field exclusively.
- Some have had good success by "tweaking" the image prior to posting to "enhance" the image. This would steer us toward using the Gallery, and bring us back to the EXIF data.

If we're working on a Location, we'd make the association with a Location, and that would be carrying the geometry/LatLon data anyway. May not be a big deal.

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