Categories are groups of related Location Types. Category groupings serve multiple purposes:
- Organizing Location Types to avoid overly long select lists.
- Hiding or Showing markers on a map of a given category/type.
- Distinguishing between two different readiness scales.

Readiness Scales

There are two different readiness scales.

  1. Attractions which engage players via a Course.
  2. Amenities of various types which support a player.

Attractions are:
- Points of Community Interest
- Green Spaces
- Food and Drink (which may also be shown as Amenities)

Amenities are:
- Bicycle Support
- Facilities (retail, public restrooms and shelter, schools)
- Course Waypoints (route markers)

Attractions will require puzzles to be part of a course. Amenities do not require puzzles and can reach "Place" status without being included within a Course.

During Play

The default set of markers will show the attractions which are part of the course.

Optionally, the following may be shown:
- Nearby Amenities (for example, if mechanical help is needed or shelter during a storm)
- Other amenities and attraction which are on the course.

During Course Building and Maintenance

- Filtering by Course allows focusing on just the attraction set that is important to a given Course.
- By default, all locations in the system are being shown on the map. Categories serves as a way to filter out which locations are of interest and to determine their spread (to see if there are gaps in green space, for example).
- As part of assigning location types to new locations, breaking the long list into sub-lists helps find the desired choice in the list.

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