Choose Next Attraction

Use Case - Select Next Attraction


Guide, Seekers


  • Puzzle for the Attraction has been solved. There are different criteria for when this state changes (see puzzle-solved-state).

Main Course

  1. Click the "Choose Next Attraction" button and a page showing choices is presented.
  2. The top is a pulldown with type of attraction and name. Type could be an icon.
  3. When item is selected, it is highlighted on the map.
  4. A "Vote" for route button is available when there is more than one choice; otherwise it is labeled "Proceed". When it is clicked, the Player's choice is submitted and tallied on the Team page.
  5. When the TeamLeader makes the selection, this attraction selection is locked in for the entire Team and state changes to "Riding".


  • State changes to Riding with "Last Stop" as the attraction that just got solved and the "Next Stop" as the attraction that just got selected.
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