Choose Ride

Also see Clueride Team for more current thinking

Choose Game

Each ride should have a summary of the following information:

  • General area of town (list of neighborhoods maybe)
  • Hours of suitability
  • Theme of the Ride (Five Free Things to Do in Atlanta, or Monuments, or appetizer-hopping)
  • Distance / Terrain
  • Options for reaching start / end & parking if necessary. (Makes sense for the start to be named clearly so a group knows where they are meeting.)

Player specifies their starting location and is presented a ranked list of choices. The choices can be filtered by selecting the following criteria:

  • Destination Category (food, bar, museum, park, venue, or a loop for exercise) choices depend of time of day; don't want to recommend an establishment that is closed.
  • General Location (neighborhoods or choose a starting location; can recommend a broader range of choices if MARTA train can be part of the trip)
  • Length/Duration (ranges of time to allow for different speeds of travel)
  • Level of cycling difficulty (terrain mostly)
  • Level of clue difficulty (allows varying the route)

The Player can then choose a given route to play

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