Clue Ride Development

Use Cases & Narratives


Current targets for the Game:

Also see Clue Ride Narratives for the broader set.

Use Cases

The following page is good, but I'm moving toward an organization of the UCs that revolves around a Design.
Clue Ride Use Cases


A good place to start is a diagram that was assembled for Auth0: Testing Auth0. This was one of the first testing pages.

  • BDD Testing - Behavior Driven Development - End-to-End Testing from a Story perspective.


Grab Bag of links

Clue Ride Components
Clue Ride Domain
Clue Ride State Objects & puzzle-solved-state
Clueride AngularJS
Bootstrap Custom Build
Module Sharing Ionic2
Caching Services
WildFly Application Server

Network (Core) Design Questions

Badge Design
Network Validation
Services and Stores
Clue Ride Geo Classes - somewhat behind
Feature Classes - How User Domain and Geometry classes relate
Track-based Network Proposal - One of the more complicated bits of logic
Course Structure - Locations & Paths Plus non-Geometrical data
Server Sent Events - Augments if not replaces Server Push
Geo-Location Events

New Organization

These design pages help organize groups of related Use Cases. There is a Google Doc which indexes the UCs:

Page Layouts

A proposed Page Transition Implementation that wasn't implemented because of poor visual experience.
Attraction Page
Outing Page

DB Design

Clue Ride DB Design
Badges DB Design
Course Structure

Dev Environment

Linux Setup for Dev
Mac Setup for Dev
XCode for iOS
Angular Code Templates

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