Clue Ride Development

Use Cases & Narratives


Current targets for the Game:

Also see Clue Ride Narratives for the broader set.

Use Cases

The following page is good, but I'm moving toward an organization of the UCs that revolves around a Design.
Clue Ride Use Cases


Grab Bag of links

Clue Ride Components
Clue Ride Domain
Clue Ride State Objects & puzzle-solved-state
Clueride AngularJS
Bootstrap Custom Build
Module Sharing Ionic2

Network (Core) Design Questions

Badge Design
Network Validation
Services and Stores
Clue Ride Geo Classes - somewhat behind
Feature Classes - How User Domain and Geometry classes relate
Track-based Network Proposal - One of the more complicated bits of logic
Course Structure - Locations & Paths Plus non-Geometrical data
Server Sent Events - Augments if not replaces Server Push

New Organization

These design pages help organize groups of related Use Cases. There is a Google Doc which indexes the UCs:

Page Layouts

Attraction Page
Outing Page

DB Design

Clue Ride DB Design
Badges DB Design

UI Design

Navigation Design

Dev Environment

Angular Code Templates


Top Level

These are way out-of-date:

Data Structures

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