Clue Ride Development

Use Cases & Narratives


Current targets for the Game:

Also see Clue Ride Narratives for the broader set.

Use Cases

Clue Ride Use Cases


Grab Bag of links

Clue Ride Components
Clue Ride Domain
Clue Ride State Objects & Clue Solved State
Clueride AngularJS
Bootstrap Custom Build

Network (Core) Design Questions

Badge Design
Network Validation
Services and Stores
Clue Ride Geo Classes - somewhat behind
Feature Classes - How User Domain and Geometry classes relate
Track-based Network Proposal - One of the more complicated bits of logic
Course Structure - Locations & Paths Plus non-Geometrical data
Server Push - More specifically, why we're getting away with polling for two key sets of status information
Invitation Design - Generating tokens and tying these to user sessions

Page Layouts

Attraction Page
Outing Page

DB Design

Clue Ride DB Design
Badges DB Design

UI Design

Navigation Design

Dev Environment

Angular Code Templates


Top Level

These are way out-of-date:

Data Structures

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