Clue Ride Actors

This has been updated with Actors more in line with the "Current Target" of the Clue Ride Narratives. Some updates have been made to the Google Doc for Terminology.

Game Participants

  • Visitor - Someone unfamiliar with Clue Ride, but possibly interested; may not yet be differentiated into some of the actors below.
  • Seeker - Person following a route, looking for clues. Also called the "Player" or the "Clue Rider".
  • Guide - Team Leader who knows the course and has earned the badges necessary to lead a group.
  • Guest Seeker (or just Guest) - Seeker who has been invited to join a team by a Guide for a given Outing.
  • Armchair Seeker - Seeker without a bike who is trying out a demo course from home.
  • Solo Seeker - Runs the course without a Guide (advanced at this time).

Course Maintainers


Perhaps at the Guide level, but someone who contributes to the upkeep of the courses. There are a few different Stewards

  • Reporter: Informs of problems with the course.
  • Clue Keeper: Adds, updates, maintains clues for a given location.
  • Path Keeper: Adds, updates, maintains the rating of segments (perhaps part of a course).
  • Curator: Helps maintain the locations which serve as the cataloged attractions.
  • Toying with the idea of Conjurer for Courses.

Other contributors

  • Builder - Actor that writes clues, links clues into courses, and leads Seekers through a (possibly themed) series of Attractions.
  • Editor - Common role for Builder and Contributor.
  • Field Editor - Contributing from the Field - often for the purpose of capturing images and clues for Locations as well as rating routes.
  • Reviewer - Actor organizing a social ride to rate a course.
  • Host - Actor who creates a site for a particular locale (Atlanta, Vancouver, Austin, and so on).

3rd Parties

  • Benefactor - Actor whose organization may be the recipient of donated funds.
  • Sponsor - Actor whose business is either a Destination or a Point of Interest and would benefit from additional traffic.

Old Names

  • TeamMember - Player who is participating as part of a Team; now called Seeker.
  • TeamLeader - Person who knows the course and can help guide a group to the destination; makes for a more predictable outing when time constrained by closures, darkness, or weather; now called Guide.
  • Contributor - Person who contributes improvements to destinations, clues, routes and segments of routes; now called Guardian or one of the more specific terms.


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