Clue Ride Modules




Main Website

  • WordPress site with following plugins:
    • Buddy Press for Social engagement & Social plugin for registering using your Facebook or Twitter account
    • BadgeOS for tracking and issuing badges (and a training system)

This is where we welcome all stakeholders to participate. Theme appears to be shaping around encouragement of exploring our city by bicycle.

PLAY - playing the Game


Ionic-based and GPS-enabled walk-through. Various games and modes which are revealed as capabilities develop (badges are won)

Desktop Game Arcade

Simulation of the game without being outdoors.

INV and OUT - Preparing Outings and Invites


  • Making sure credentials are recognized when invites are sent out
  • Updating details of the account

Content Development

LE Location Editor and their Puzzles

Use Case Location Maintenance

  • Feedback on routes/locations from the field.
  • Capture of GPS locations and images
  • Puzzles per Location maintenance - tied to a location (or grouping of locations)

NET Network Editor - Contribute Desktop (different form-factor, same functionality)

  • Prepare Segment data to be served
    • Capture and map segments from GPS tracks
    • Provide visual feedback on gaps
    • Map-based interface for editing
  • Prepare Location data to be served
    • Link to segments
    • Maintain data for Location

CRS Course Editor


Feedback Module

Not shown on diagram. Reachable from either main site or the game

  • Ratings of Locations
  • Ratings of Routes
  • Ratings of Guides
  • Ratings of Puzzles (up / down) (too easy / too hard / just right) (may pull into the Game module PLAY)
  • Links to Forums

Simulation Engine (not shown)

  • Probably Features on the Core API rather than its own separate module
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