Clue Ride Modules



Web Applications supporting Clue Ride


Main Website

  • WordPress site with following plugins:
    • Buddy Press for Social engagement
    • BadgeOS for tracking and issuing badges (and a training system)
    • Social plugin for registering using your Facebook or Twitter account

This is where we welcome all stakeholders to participate. Theme appears to be shaping around encouragement of exploring our city by bicycle.

Visitors Mobile

Visitors Desktop

Play the Game Mobile

GPS-enabled walk-through. Various games and modes which are revealed as capabilities develop (badges are won)

Play the Game Arcade (Desktop; not yet shown on diagram)

Simulation of the game without being outdoors.

Feedback Module

Not shown on diagram. Reachable from either main site or the game

  • Ratings of Locations
  • Ratings of Routes
  • Ratings of Guides
  • Ratings of Clues (up / down) (too easy / too hard / just right)
  • Links to Forums

Contribute Mobile


Use Case Location Maintenance

  • Feedback on routes/locations from the field.
  • Capture of GPS locations and images
  • Clues per Location maintenance


Use Case Clue Maintenance

  • Tied to a location (or grouping of locations)

Contribute Desktop

  • Prepare Segment data to be served
    • Capture and map segments from GPS tracks
    • Provide visual feedback on gaps
    • Map-based interface for editing
  • Prepare Location data to be served
    • Link to segments
    • Maintain data for Location

Simulation Engine (not shown)

  • list item
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