Clue Ride Markets


The earlier ideas for this game depended on two things that didn't appear likely to happen:

  • Dependency on skilled leaders
  • Maintaining an up-to-date pool of Attractions and Routes

There was a "chicken-or-egg" post regarding which should be built up first for pairing services (Uber being an example). This led to thoughts regarding how to build an eco-sphere for Clue Ride. It makes sense to tap into existing Attractions and Ride Leaders to introduce the concept and build up pools of both.

See Modes of Play for how this suggests alternate modes of play.



An event like Atlanta Streets Alive came to mind for a few reasons:

  • Pool of Attractions that are primed for that one event
  • Exposure potential is good
  • Involvement of businesses
  • Reduced need for experienced leadership
  • Exercises portions of an application that will drive the supply side of Attractions

Existing Social Rides

  • Mobile Social / Critical Mass / Full-moon Ride

The game would need to change for this group:

  • Fewer clues per destination
  • Voting on an answer would be cool
  • Assigning invitations would be based on
    • A group code which allows people to join anonymously
    • Still would want to count individual sessions (cookie-based)
  • May consider choosing alternative routes based on votes
    • Progressive Branching sort of ride: what park to hit, what photo-op, what watering hole.

Social Groups who don't consider themselves "cyclists"

This was an original target group. Go out with a bunch of friends who have bikes, but don't normally socialize on bikes.

  • Family and Friends on a weekend
  • Tour Groups may add this to their repertoire (Bike Tours of Atlanta)

Family-oriented Groups

Families Bike Atlanta Facebook group

Civic and Business Associations

This group would be involved from a few perspectives:

  • Benefits from maintaining "Attraction" status
  • Encouraging local activity as well as lower-impact in-bound visitors

Advocacy Groups

Atlanta Bicycle Coalition as an example

  • Help promote cycling which supports local businesses
  • Familiarizes the public with preferred cycling routes and facilities
  • Offer opportunities for growing an educated public
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