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This grew out of a few different ideas about cycling routes:

  • Geocaching where you use a GPS to find a hidden cache
  • A family game where we set up a clue that when found, tells you the location of the next clue.
  • David Southerland's Bike Rallies that also involved finding clues, involves riding a bike to find the clues, and awards points for correct answers.
  • Bicycle Routes and the maps which lead you from place to place.
  • Mobile Social which takes groups of cyclists along interesting courses to a destination where a bar/restaurant owner provides specials for the participants.


  • Runs on mobile devices using HTML5 browser capabilities
  • Initially runs in a "Leader" mode where the ride leader of a team knows the route which provides a limited number of choices for completing the route.
  • In "self-guided" mode, an individual or group will answer questions (multiple choice?) which can only be answered by reaching that location.
  • Separate website and social media to spread the word.


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  • To engage cyclists in Atlanta and help them navigate the city.
  • To highlight the economic impact cycling can have on local retail and restaurant business.
  • To build community, allowing businesses to connect more directly with their customers.
  • Provide some income for advocacy efforts.


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