Build New Course



Sub Use Cases

Some thoughts on breaking this up into smaller chunks

  • Bring in the tracks for a course — and that course only — into the second "Pool" panel.
  • Locations could be selected from a filtered list or from the map.
  • Editing the Locations builds upon an existing app for doing this; navigating to this is the main difference (how to name the lat/lon/node — the geometry)
  • Live review of a complete and open course in the Leader App (able to proceed from end to end without being required to solve the clues.
  • Verification page (To Do List)
    • Each location has images
    • Each location has clues
    • Each location is connected from one end to the other: the path options are complete.

Building a Course

Rubber meets road feedback from building the Tiny Doors manually.


  1. Get the new Nodes and Locations added. For a new course with new destinations, there's a good chance the network will need to be expanded with new nodes and edges.
  2. Turn the new nodes into Locations. Separate Use Case for providing at least a name and ID and preferably a working image as well.


  1. Setup meta data: Name (and an ID)
  2. Choose Location for start (see Loops) and choose add to course
  3. Iteratively:
    1. Choose next location and system offers routes between those locations ranked according to distance (and later other criteria). The choices are presented in a drop down and the selected item from the drop down is highlighted on the map.
    2. Select a route from the dropdown and commit/save. The course to this point is highlighted with added paths in one color and the next to be added in a different color. Most recent location is in a different color as well.
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