Clue Ride Modes of Play

Thinking 2017

Recognized Challenges

  • Maintaining Attractions and Clues
  • Recruiting and Developing Ride Leaders (Guides)

Alternate Modes of Play

Based on Clue Ride Markets

Atlanta Streets Alive

  • Use the game to highlight Attractions
  • Use Categories to classify Attractions based on what you'd prefer to visit
  • Suggest routes with the reveal occurring on questions answered (or not, seeker's option)
  • Points awarded for participation, visits, miles traveled, clues answered
  • Preparation means we are given
    • A base Route
    • Fixed time-frame
    • Motivated pool of Attractions

Mobile Social

  • Route perhaps broken into 2-3 alternatives voted upon by participants
  • Clues could reveal path (or not, seeker's option)
  • Points awarded for participation,miles traveled, clues answered

Personal Event

  • Take off the shelf sequence (a "canned" tour with a given theme)
  • Mix and Match existing clues with clues of your own
  • A tour guide would be responsible for adding their own clues at given locations and can opt to contirbute their clues to the pool of available clues (awarding points, of course).
  • Assemble your own outing/tour given a set of attractions based on suggestions provided by the app (points for contributing your route)


Bike Tours of Atlanta comes to mind

  • Develop tour alongside their given tours
  • Turn their talks into clues
  • Let them offer it as part of their set of packages
  • Provides mutual exposure to the game and the tour
  • Buy-in from a set of Guides to maintain subset of Attractions and Clues

Social Rides

Melton's App & Tap comes to mind
Since there is a fixed route, more suited to

  • Occasional deviations in the route for side attractions
  • Clues along the given path
  • The social speed versus the training speed

Exposure and possible ride leader recruitment

Thinking circa 2016

  • You ease your way into the game and develop (unlock more capabilities) as you become more familiar with the game.
  • Start out with Tours, or being led. The course will be structured in this case and the leader can make decisions regarding emergency paths back "home" if required for weather, mechanicals, or whatever.
  • Add points for taking more risks
  • Add capabilities as badges are earned
  • Concept of a group / team lends cohesiveness and encourages completion of profiles without requiring profiles.

First questions

  • Are you part of a group that is riding together? If the GPS is turned on, it is possible to "join" nearby groups. If not, active groups may be listed and joined.
  • Are you willing to turn on your GPS to track position? Tethering to the leader is possible. All maps will be relative to their current position.
  • Question answering: Vote as a team, track individual results, or both.
  • Profile questions: answer as much as you care for.

NOTE: For security reasons, only the leader can approve joining and tethering. Information regarding position will only be shared amongst trusted parties. If groups wanted to approve knowing each other's presence, a trust relationship must be established.

Critical elements

Entry-level, self-guided rides

  • Cycling Skill levels are assumed to be at the bottom of the range
    • Most favorable routes if no capability level is provided
    • Short distances if no time constraint is provided
    • Snack food or to go destinations if no bike lock specified
  • Exact routes are expected to be followed and the next leg of route is unlocked by a choice of arriving or solving a location-specific puzzle
  • Loop only (may be true for all routes)
  • Starting location must be specified either by GPS or by choosing on a map
    • Choice of route based primarily on ease of getting to/from the loop
    • Options for trips feature destination are based on the loops that are available
  • Once starting location is found:
    • Find me lunch/dinner
    • Find me public art
    • Find me historical markers
    • Find me to go food
    • Find me a market (for picnic)
    • Find me coffee / bar / retail
    • Take me on a picnic
    • Show me the sights
    • Champion Tree Tours
  • Loop may be changed as long as the final destination can be accommodated

Guided rides

  • Leader(s) knows the route and can override any lock

Original Thinking

To provide a better match between rider's expectations and the game's experience, there are different options for playing the game:

  • I've got a destination in mind, suggest an interesting way to get there.
  • I've got a type of destination in mind, and am open to suggestions.
  • I've got time to explore places I may not have seen.
  • I'm wandering around and just looking for an interesting destination.
  • Random route
  • Route is revealed as you traverse the route; confirmation of progress is either by key/locks, GPS, leader-controlled, or maybe group vote?

Factors affecting the Modes of Play

  • Lack of internet is a show stopper
  • No GPS capability (Interact with a map? Clue-based confirmation?)
  • Time limit (related to distance)
  • Location (start or destination)
  • Facility Level (a la Bike Suitability)
  • Skill / Confidence level
  • Ride's time of day
  • Ride's Day of week
  • Weather (recent rains or not)
  • How many of these rides they've done before (ClueRide badge levels)

Descriptive Names

  • Adventure - Get me Lost
  • Family Destinations (kids are part of group)
  • Lead me - suggest an interesting route
  • Let's solve puzzles
  • Popular destinations (choose from a list of suggested POI)
  • Group Socializing
  • Dating
  • Take me on a picnic
  • Take me to lunch / dinner
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