Clueride Group

A Clueride Group is a set of ride participants that are concurrently playing the game and have an established trust relationship amongst its members. Generally there is a ride leader who knows the course and can make calls for the group. Optionally, the group can be split into Teams.

Also see Clue Ride Actors

Use Case - Creating a Group




  1. Verify credentials / identify yourself by logging in
  2. Choose to Create a Group
  3. Provide a Name for the Group
  4. Selecting meeting time and course
  5. Confirm group creation
  6. Status page for the group is then available to monitor the group

Business Rules

  • Leader must have sufficient privileges to lead a group
  • Leader must have GPS available and turned on

Use Case - Joining a Group


Player, GroupMember, GroupLeader

  1. Ask for GPS if available
  2. if GPS

Use Case - Monitoring Group


Group Leader

Use Case - Reviewing Group Stats



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