Clueride Location Details

Also see Show Location Use Case.

This is the data that is captured for a Location:


  • Id (surrogate key)
  • Name
  • Description
  • Location Type (enumeration)
  • NodeId (non-nullable)
  • List of LocationTag (may be empty)
  • Tag to Score map (for ranking all locations possessing the tag)
  • LocationGroup (may be null)
  • List of Clues (at least one)
  • Establishment (if any)
  • List of Image URLs


  • Locations will have a Node so they can be located on the map. That Node will be tied to Edges/Segments as part of the network. Not all Nodes will have a Location. For example, the lat/lng pair where three segments meet will require a Node, but it doesn't mean there is any reason to stop at that Node.
  • Locations may be part of a LocationGroup. Generally, if more than one Location could share the same bicycle parking, then those two locations are part of a LocationGroup, but those LocationGroups are formally defined by membership of a Location within that LocationGroup.
  • Each Location should have a set of clues (key/lock pairs) for revealing the next segment. Those segments are part of the Node's relationship rather than the Location itself.
  • Visiting a Location may confer specific badges
  • A location has a profile which helps score it relative to other locations of a similar type or with a particular tag.
  • A location may be associated with an establishment with hours of operation. The establishment would have further features and/or restrictions.
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