Clueride Navigation Design

This describes the design of the "Home" page navigation with the three connected nodes.


This page was appropriate to an early pre-release of the application and has been superceded by these Clue Ride Narratives.

Game States

There are three different Game States. Each corresponds to a particular set of options that are presented for the three nodes.

  1. Begin Play (Get Ready)
  2. Riding
  3. At Location

Representation of Game State

These are the attributes of the Game State. A single variable per session (maintained on the server and cached on the client) records the state of the Player's session.

  • title - displayed at the top of the screen in the header bar.
  • dialog - if set, names the modal which will be presented to the user when the node is clicked / tapped.
  • nextView - if set, names the href of the view to be presented. Generally, when that view is complete — or the user returns Home — no Game State change is made. It is however, up to that view whether to change Game State or not. (For example, the Map allows navigation into the past locations and ride states).
  • nextState - if appropriate upon clicking the node, the state will change to this next state. These are expected to be set even when returning back to the same state.

A Game State will have either a dialog or a nextView, but not both.

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