Clue Ride Team

A Clue Ride Team is a set of ride participants that are concurrently playing the game and have an established trust relationship among its members. Generally there is a ride leader who knows the course and can make calls for the team. Optionally, multiple teams can run the course concurrently, but care should be taken with competition so all members remain safe.

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Business Rules

  • In the first release of Clue Ride, each player must be a member of a team with a Team Leader. If a player attempts to proceed, an alert lets them know that once they have earned the Solo Seeker badge, they will be able to run the course on their own.
  • Solo Seeker badge will be available in a later release (once courses have settled out).

Use Cases for Team

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Use Case - Reviewing Team Stats

Review the points awarded to the team when competing in a Group.



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