Complete Course Narrative

At the conclusion of the game is an opportunity to expand the experience.


  • The Game State is Rolling; Seekers are rolling into the last destination; the completion of the Course.
  • The Guide asks that everyone get out their device and then sprinkles the magic "Course Completed" dust (or clicks on the button that does the virtual sprinkle).
  • This sends the GameState Event for Course Completion to all devices in the Team which brings the app to the Course Completion screen (described below).
  • Some seekers will have earned a badge with this event: Course Completion Badge which does its fanfare on its own screen — or maybe pop-up overlay.
  • The Badge can be left in place for X amount of time, or cancelled.
  • Upon the Badge closing, the app returns to displaying the "Course Completed" screen as described below. This will include a summary of the completed course whose details are described on that screen.
  • There are "Next" buttons that proceed through (in order)
    • Appreciation Page
    • Bring up building and maintaining the courses — giving back to the community
    • Evaluation Pages
    • Sharing Pages

Course Completed Screen

  1. Name of the Course (again)
  2. Details about this run:
    1. Mileage covered
    2. Puzzles Solved
    3. Attractions opened

Badge "Ceremony"

  1. We want a Badge Event that concludes the course for those running the course along with the "Badge Ceremony"

Appreciation Page

This is a good time to sell the community involvement, the opportunity to give back to the community, and abundance mentality.

  1. Probably want a separate page thanking them for participating and inviting them back.
  2. How to build future courses will be discussed.
    1. Separate
  3. Links to share the experience.
    1. Facebook
    2. Instagram
  4. Evaluating; feedback opportunities
    1. Achievements Page
    2. Survey questions
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