Configure Hibernate Datasource

I learned this was easier if you start with the "Database Development" perspective and particularly the "Data Source Explorer" view. Those steps are described here:


  1. Bring up the dialog by clicking the "New Connection Profile" button on the "Data Source Explorer" view.
  2. If you don't have a driver setup, you'll want to create a new Driver Template.
  3. The "Name/Type" tab, you should either set the "Driver name" to the database server (when no schema is named) or to the database server and schema if both are specified.
    1. For just the DB Instance, I might name this MySQL Driver.
    2. For the "blacklist" schema within the MySQL database, I might name this MySQL BlackList.
  4. On the "Jar List" tab, you'll pick the jar file first:
  5. On the "Properties" tab, you'll fill in the details of the connection:
    1. The URL should be filled out for the schema if you want to include this, or just the database instance.
    2. The Database Name would be the schema
    3. The Driver Class is a little tricky, but the little button at the right of the value box will bring up this dialog to select the class from within the jar you specified on the "Jar List" tab:
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