Course Oriented Maintenance

For course-oriented maintenance, it's a Guide that may be more interested.

They're looking to provide a nice experience both in terms of route choices as well as destinations.

Sequence (Upon Opening)

  1. Choose either an existing course to work on, or create a new course
  2. Current location is used to show nearby courses; opportunity to drop pin on a map to center and show courses near chosen location
  3. Courses with reported problems are highlighted in a different color (either location or route)
  4. Ability to toggle locations by grade (Node, Off Network, Place, Attraction, Featured, and Problem) - Default is Places (indicating they need Puzzles to turn them into Attractions)

Suggest providing options for List View ordered by location and Map View centered on location

Editing existing Course

Build New Course

Leverage clueride-build-new-course

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