Course Structure

Locations and Paths plus Non Geometrical Data

Geometry Data

Locations have Nodes, and Nodes have POINTs. Edges/Segments have LineString.

Could start out with a FeatureCollection with exactly the elements we use to build up a Course: a sequenced set of

  • Location (representing Start)
  • At least one but probably no more than 8 iterations of the following:
    • One or more Edges / Segments each separated/connected by a Node
    • Location

The last Location may well be the same as the first Location if this is course is a loop. Otherwise, it is called a point-to-point course.

Non-Geometry Data

  • Location to Location is treated as a Path. This organization would provide:
    • Starting Location
    • One or more paths:
      • Path ending at a Location, and traversing multiple Edges / Segments.
  • ID of the course
  • Scheduled Time if appropriate
  • Estimated completion Time (possibly stored as duration so delays can be added)
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