Defining an RPXNow Application
  1. Go to
  2. There will be a pulldown of the applications currently set and one of the choices will be "Create Application". Choose this.
  3. Give the name that users would recognize despite the fact that this is a subdomain of For example, "" would be the result of entering "Bike-a-Thon".
  4. Enter the domains. It is important to add as much of the domain as can be entered. For example, for the host "", you'll need to enter "" and not just "". These can be modified later to accommodate further domains.
  5. You'll be presented with a page that contains:
    1. RPX Domain
    2. API key (hidden with an option to show it)

Once the RPXServlet is configured to

  • serve requests at your URL (web.xml servlet and mapping) and
  • the RPX class is ready to present the API key just created above,

then you can use the Widget Test Tool to exercise your Servlet.

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