Design Enter Bike Train
  • The three tables should be populated with data captured from the BikeTrainDialog.
  • May want a single object to encapsulate the data to cross the AJAX call.
  • Functional first and then pretty
  • If we expand the BikeTrainDE to include a list of the Groups, this might take care of everything I need to present the BikeTrains in the table.

In lieu of a Seq Diagram

  1. Instantiate the table with a list of BikeTrainDE
    1. Get list of all Routes in the proper "Local Drive" bucket (using existing ReadRouteNames service call). We need this because there will be routes that do not yet have DisplayElement entries or corresponding BikeTrainDEs.
    2. Merge in the list of DisplayElements (obtained using GetDisplayElements service, expanded to obtain a list of all BikeTrainDEs)
    3. Display as suggested in UC.

Need to remember that this is a little more complicated because it is returning the routes one at a time (ostensibly, to allow progress bar to be updated). However, I don't think this will get in the way of expanding the BikeTrainDE to include a list of the Groups. It's a fairly lightweight extension of the DisplayElement.

Something else to consider

  • This can and probably should be a separate app.
  • It doesn't hurt to replace the ServiceWrapper thingy with something similar in purpose, but separate in implementation. A new class expressly for handling the interaction that ServiceWrapper does for ShowRoutes.
  • The GPXEditor might be an example of something to look at for this.
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