Development Tips

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Deprecated (no longer using Cypal Studio)

The Cypal Studio does a good job of setting up everything, but I like to put my classes in a slightly different package structure. That entails a few extra steps described below.

  • Use the 'New -> Other' menu choice to bring up the "New" dialog with a list of wizards. Choose the Cypal Studio 'GWT Remote Service'.
    • This dialog wants a ClassName and a Service URI, both of which will be created. I typically use the naming convention for Classes and their instances ( => /saveRoute).
    • The dialog also wants you to choose a module this will be added to. If you've got a particular module, choose it. If you're adding to several, pick one to add to and we'll propagate later.
  • The wizard creates a Class directly under the *.client package. I prefer to move this (after it is created) to the *.client.service package and drag it over their letting Eclipse do what updates it can. It doesn't grab them all which we'll take care of next.
  • The newly created (and moved) class will have two errors, waiting for the Async interface to be defined. This will contain the methods to be implemented. You can create this new interface by letting Eclipse suggest the action.
  • Once the interface is created, you can define its methods.
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