Installing the Apps
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Although the yellow boxes need to be connected:
a) a download won't be the time to make the connection and
b) after installing the app, the app can be responsible for making the connection via Registering your Device

Value to be Gained

Downloading and Installing the App makes possible:

  • Registering the App (Registering your Device)
  • Playing the Game
  • Communicating more sensitive information
    • Position
    • Outing details
    • Team Members
    • Future Invitation Details


  • The install instructions depend on which device (ios and android)
  • There will be an interim procedure until the apps are in the store
  • Identifying yourself / registering your device (one time occurrence — per device)
  • Having the identity be associable with badges.
  • Being able to share information about Outings.

Sharing the JWT Token

The link covers:

  • Blurring the line between Mobile App vs Web App
  • sharing information across apps
  • Potentially downloading/installing an app via a link

Considered a single registration covering all apps, but it isn't safe to share the key amongst different apps.

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