Installing the Apps
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Although the yellow boxes need to be connected:
a) a download won't be the time to make the connection and
b) after installing the app, the app can be responsible for making the connection via registration-design

Value to be Gained

Downloading and Installing the App makes possible:

  • Registering the App (registration-design)
  • Playing the Game
  • Communicating more sensitive information
    • Position
    • Outing details
    • Team Members
    • Future Invitation Details


  • The install instructions depend on which device (ios and android)
  • There will be an interim procedure until the apps are in the store
  • Identifying yourself / registering your device (one time occurrence — per device)
  • Having the identity be associable with badges.
  • Being able to share information about Outings.

Sharing the JWT Token

The link covers:

  • Blurring the line between Mobile App vs Web App
  • sharing information across apps
  • Potentially downloading/installing an app via a link

Considered a single registration covering all apps, but it isn't safe to share the key amongst different apps.

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