Eclipse Maven Plugin



Use Eclipse's software management to bring in the plugin

  • Selecting

** All of Maven Integration
** From Maven Optional Components:
* Maven Central repository index
* Maven Doxia Editors
* Maven issue tracking configurator for Mylyn 3.x
Nothing from Maven Project Configurators

and optional "Maven POM Editor" feature depend on the
"Eclipse XML Editors and Tools" feature from WST}}}

  • After installation, go to Window -> Preferences Maven -> Installation, and point the "User Settings" to the dev\apache-maven-2.1.0\conf\settings.xml file. This will assure that the repository being used is the same as the copy that the command line mvn uses.
  • Having fits with one installation's local repository (after having missed the config step above and gotten perhaps the wrong repository linked up). This appears to be preventing adding and indexing the Maven Central repository:
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