Eclipse Setup

Install (Luna 4.4)

Ubuntu specifics

  • Setting up the launcher can be started by copying the existing eclipse.desktop under /usr/share/applications.
  • The previous installed plugins were recognized and upgraded as feasible. See the page Eclipse Software Site Sharing page if these are not available.
  • Setup a new workspace for Eclipse Luna. The repositories and working directories will remain under Git and outside of the workspace.


  • The license is named viPlugin2.lic
  • It is generally found alongside the 'eclipse' executable under ubuntu.

Tomcat Server

Exploring how I get a Tomcat Server installed locally to the dev machine.

  • Used the Wizard to "Download and Install" a Tomcat 7 server.
  • The path for installing needs to be writable without "sudo" permissions. Looking at ~/dev/tomcat
  • Once installed, it can be started and tested.


  • Default Formatting: (Preferences -> Java Code Style Formatter. Choose Eclipse [built-in]
  • Print Margin turned on
  • Template for new classes
  • Changes to the key mappings:
    • Alt-C to checkin
  • When saving a file, perform automatic actions to format the code. (Preferences -> "Save Action")
  • Window arrangement;
  • perspectives
    • Git

Git Perspective Setup

Appropriate when the machine's local git repo has been setup and we're just upgrading Eclipse.

  1. Open the perspective
  2. Choose "Add an existing local Git repository"
  3. Add all would be the default.
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