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Thinking - based on some Rubber Meets Road

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  • Attraction Editor (named Ranger) Also see Attraction Details
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    • Location Group
    • Puzzle Editor

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Generally, you'll start out with these general constraints on your route:

  • Destination and Start
  • Distance to be covered
  • Some idea of the neighborhoods you'll want to visit.


  • Sometimes you'll have a list of related destinations (Tiny Doors, for example)
  • Age-related: stopping for sweets versus stopping for beer.
  • Food preferences and budget.

Often, you'll work backwards from a Destination or forward from a Start and find an appropriate way to meet in the middle. Development is largely from a map of the route. Being able to piece together separate sections would be a big help.

Points of Interest

* Geographic location on the map
* Unique ID
* Add locks and keys found at this Point of Interest (can be more than one depending on difficulty level and also to provide variety)
* Point of Interest may be a business establishment who sponsors

Capture POI

Edit POI

Group POI


* A Leg is a path from one POI to another POI. These are what the User understands as a single traversal of the course between two POI.
* A Segment is a road, bike path, trail, or other routable transportation facility that has a start/end (and thus a length) and 1) can be described given a single rating and 2) would have no intermediate nodes. Adding a POI on a given Segment — or sufficiently close to that segment — will cause that Segment to be broken into two Segments.
* A Leg has an overall rating which is the length-weighted average of the segments making up that Leg.
* Legs are strung together in a particular sequence to form a Course.
* The Course can be determined ahead of time, or modified on the fly by choosing different POI and Legs.

Capture Segment

Provide methods for entering the data for a given segment

Rate Segment

Provide methods for determining an appropriate rating for a given segment

Split Segment

Take a given Segment and add a Node which becomes the end for one new segment's start and the start for the other segment's end.

Map Route to Segments

Given a GPS track, find the segments which correspond to that track. Display both the track and the segments so gaps can be reconciled.

Display/List unrated Segments

Lock and Key

POI may have a Lock and Key


Course is a route (linking points of interest and their locks and keys) along with the clues to traverse the route.
This links together Points of Interest into a continuous route. For each pair, Actor will
* Identify Origin (may not be a Point of Interest to begin the route since people may be riding from somewhere off the course.
* Identify Destination
* Provide clues, one or more of the following:
* Verbal description of the Point of Interest
* Image or Video
* Series of turns (coded or otherwise)
* Route on a map highlighting the turns to make

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