Collection of segments that leads from starting point to destination, or forms a loop with a destination the same as the starting point.
Collection of lines and nodes that has a shared set of characteristics such as FacilityType or Suitability Rating
Facility Type
One of four classifications according to the page FacilityType.
Suitability Rating
Red, Yellow, or Green from ABC's Bike Suitability Maps. Based on a list of objective and subjective criteria.
Connects two geographical points (each expressed in terms of Latitude and Longitude) with a straight line.
A geographical point that one or more segments may share. It represents a possible or actual intersection.
a configurable value which indicates the minimum separation between two nodes for them to be considered two separate nodes instead of the same node.
A latitude and longitude pair. The point also may have an elevation defined.
A route containing segments on only one Facility Type (or a single segment).
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