Google Kml

Creating a KML from

First attempt

This produced a reference to the map data stored in the Google Map I had created. The data points are not on a local machine, but are stored (apparently) at Google.

  1. Create a Google Map
  2. Import the KML from an export of route.
  3. Continue importing these.
  4. Export the overall KML.

Disadvantage of this approach is there is a limit to the number of points that can be imported as one batch (not sure what this is). This will break up the route into multiple segments if they are long.

Second attempt

This is much more successful:

  • Bring the kml into Google Earth and assemble everything there.
    • There is a "Share -> .KML (Google Earth)" menu choice that generates the file and downloads it for opening in Google Earth.
    • This drops the route into "Temporary Places"
    • You can then organize the routes in a folder structure and apply various properties.
  • Export the kml/kmz from Google Earth.

The resulting .kmz and a a quick blurb on my blog describing it.

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