Google Plugin For Eclipse



  • This is prepared for Eclipse Indigo (3.7) with Java 1.7 and then in Feb/Mar 2015, under Luna (4.4) and still Java 1.7.
  • Came together as part of Mobile Development



As taken in July 2014

  1. Download GPE 3.6.0 if the download site isn't recognized.
    1. March 13, 2015: Finding that the Eclipse Marketplace is way slow. Trying this link instead:
    2. That link was rather slow in responding, but eventually it allowed me to download.
    3. I wasn't able to install the Designer pieces because of conflicts (that took quite a while to try to resolve), so I backed down to just installing the GPE 3.8.
  2. Install the code as shown in the diagram below
  3. When restarting, the splash screen comes up and then goes away; .log file (under workspace's .metadata folder) shows LoginTrim problem. Renaming the eclipse/plugins/ jar file allows getting past this.
  4. Search for the JVMs that support 1.7. (Preferences _> Java -> Installed JREs -> Search)
  5. Attach a copy of the GWT installation (Preferences -> Google -> Web Toolkit -> Add)
    1. The version of GWT SDK that came with the GPE was 2.5.1 and I wanted the later version; this means downloading into a separate directory outside of eclipse.
    2. Standalone GWT SDK was downloaded from here:
    3. On sagitta, I put this under /home/jett/gwt-2.7.0
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