Googlemapplay Eclipse Project

Route Editor

  • polyLine.html - shows how to add lines to a map. Adding points is expensive: 12 seconds on my machine from a local file. Not good for just 3 routes. Despite this, I've found this to be a viable way to bring in different routes and then cut and paste them. So far, I've got
    • three hardcoded .gpx files tossed up,
    • a simple menu to select one of the three to work on
    • click on route selects that route
    • highlighting (magenta) of the route you've selected
    • snapping a marker to the route so begin/end pairs can be chosen
    • 1st click on marker drops a "start" marker; 2nd click drops an "end" marker and highlights (green) selection; 3rd click clears markers
    • URL is
  • Additional Features I'd like to add
    • File dialog to read a local directory for files that can be opened
    • Read an RSS feed to pickup recent routes from (or otherwise allow selection and download from
    • Treat start/end selection as a new route
    • Select two routes and join them into a new route.
    • export clipped or joined routes as new .kml/.gpx files.
    • Read .kml files and preserve attributes (lower priority)

Other Play Areas

  • searchFromWizard.html - contains the text created using the Google Map Wizard. Shows how to create a searchable map.
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