• The URL for obtaining the API key is
  • The code for including an API Key for the GWT toolkit looks like this. This is placed in the *.gwt.xml file.
<!-- Other module inherits                                      -->
    <inherits name=""/>
    <script src=";file=api&amp;v=2&amp;

Keys Obtained so far

URL API Key ABQIAAAAtW8Km4x_Di-ilh9aSdFkqhQZWYhI-bbhmQNUkn8oiUxfgk8PJxTsMDHRQWO9IG11Bi6sLpEmHzp6Cg ABQIAAAAtW8Km4x_Di-ilh9aSdFkqhR3w6VYRDMguaCJm-JyG9jLG5M9wxTK3QfIXLbGmvClp7gzXZMZeo_8Xw
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