GPX Edit

This is called GPX Edit, and GPX is the underlying file format, but it is intended to edit more than just GPX files. It is a component/module of the VISCAT application.

General knowledge gained

I've learned a good deal from implementing this:

  • You can speed up a compile by selecting a subset of the implementations. This is done with the user.agent property in the module.gwt.xml file.
  • You can pass JVM options to the GWT compile by using the gwt.extraJvmArgs property or by dropping it in the configuration section of the plugin's config (<jvmArgs> I believe).
  • The three new files appear to be correct.
  • It is possible to generate GWT Unit Tests.
  • Each module has its own context within the app's context. This nesting can be advantageous, but prevents having the VHost alias from hiding the sub-context as well as the context.

Work specific to this module

  • I think I'm going to need to use the point-based polygons for the routes instead of the encoded routes.
  • Haven't learned how the snapToRoute is activated.
  • Route Panel is an example, but has gaps. Want to dress this up for public consumption
  • There is a deprecated WindowResize in the onModuleLoad method
  • I had not yet implemented the selection of a Tag based on the pulldown. It only makes a call to reload using the tag, but the tag is otherwise ignored.
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