GPX Route Editor Prototype

Features of GWT Prototype

  • Reads from's RSS feed for recent Atlanta, Georgia routes to populate list box of route choices to download.
  • Downloads selected item from list box (invokes's export URL for a GPX file) and presents this as a blue polyline on Google Map (centered near Atlanta).
  • Summarizes downloaded and visible routes in a table that allows unloading the route.
  • Clicking on a route selects the route for sub-selecting points. A selected route:
    • Color changed to magenta
    • crosshair cursor follows mouse movements, but is snapped to the route.
    • Clicking cursor performs sub-selection
      • First click selects starting point
      • Second click selects ending point
      • Third click turns the points between the two (inclusive) into a new route added in green
  • Two routes from the table of loaded routes can be joined into a new route
    • Select two routes whose first endpoint is near the start of the second route
    • Click "Join Routes" button to create new route from the two sub-routes
  • Save route as a GPX file on server
  • Read (fixed) directory of routes to pull up a list of named routes that can be loaded (.gpx only for routes)
  • Read (fixed) directory of KML/KMZ overlays that can be loaded
  • URL query param to name route that can be loaded and saved from (includes JavaScript bookmark to capture name and load it locally)

Desired Features

  • Dialog to enter name of route that could be loaded from
  • Structure to the various sources of GPX routes
    • local
    • bikely location RSS (the current offering)
    • bikely personal RSS (by user ID)
    • temp storage possibly or a "snippet" location?
  • Improved Marker control
    • "Tune" the marker selection by allowing a scroll bar to increment/decrement the index of the marker's vertex.
    • Display more detail about the marker selection
    • Allow the route color to update as the markers are moved.
    • Improve the state management of marker selection (do we need three clicks of the cursor? provide button instead?)


  • Java Documentation
  • Better color management
  • Route Mouseover for cursor change so you can tell when you're in the right spot to select a route
  • Selecting a route from the table
  • Improved Table format
  • Tryout Benchmark class to improve performance running in hosted mode (web mode runs acceptably quick).
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