Guide's Invitation Narrative


The actions that take place around inviting players to register are shaped by what can technically be accomplished.

There are multiple systems involved and each needs to establish trust relationships that will ensure the holder of the phone is the one who is earning the badges.

To make this as simple as possible for the user, the Guide will be establishing much of the information required. As the systems evolve, the process will become increasingly automated.

Essential Initial Capture

  • Email Address
  • Player's Name (first and last)
  • Display Name (alias shown to others within the app; may be taken from user portion of email)

An email sent to the user will contain instructions as well as an invitation key which is used to initially tie a mobile device — the one installing the application — to the account. The mobile device thus becomes a principal for the user; it uses the email address as the unique identifier and access tokens to authorize actions taken by the player on that specific device.

BadgeOS requires an email account as the unique identifier.

WordPress as well as Auth0 agents will also use the email account.

It is viable in the future for the ClueRide application to invoke the API to create a user within the WordPress database, but this will begin with the Guide manually performing this quick step.

Proposed Steps

  1. As part of INV-01 Creating the Team, the Guide would also setup new accounts in WordPress using the "back-end". This establishes a working record — without password credentials, Social Auth pictures, or Auth0 credentials — that would allow assignment of achievements and badges.
  2. INV-02 Prepare Invitations associates a scheduled outing with an established team.
  3. Invitations are sent with instructions for registering the device using the same email account in the invitation.
    1. As part of validating the Invitation, the system checks that a WordPress credential (BadgeOS Principal) can be found for each user (related to
    2. If the user wishes to use a different email address to record badges, this means creating a new User account (Create WP User - perhaps the email address can be changed, but don't know what this means for any issued badges).
  4. The player registers, perhaps via a social media account, but always with an email that may be associated with that account.Validation is against the BadgeOS Principal (CA-368).
  5. Any social auth images will be persisted within the ClueRide Member table. (Future? - Sync with the WordPress account?)
  6. During the registration step, checks are performed against the WordPress account (BadgeOS Principal). If the WordPress account doesn't exist, the reasons might be:
    1. Player may have forwarded the email over to another fellow player who isn't yet registered.
    2. Using different email address; we want to update an existing account (manual)
    3. Using a similar alias that didn't quite match but is acceptable. (manual intervention)
    4. System is down somewhere along the path (manual intervention required)
  7. At this point, we will probably have the following for the user:
    1. Email Address
    2. Name (first, last)
    3. Image that represents the user
    4. Account on WordPress that can accumulate BadgeOS events
  8. Later on, after the user has accumulated badges (which happens early on), the user may want to update their WP account. They need to either
    1. Login via social login (preferred)
    2. Ask that their password be reset
    3. Get an Admin to help out.
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