GWT Hosted Hibernate Logger


This GWT is no longer being used. GWT 2.4 logger is easier to find.

  • The log messages for Server Exceptions are captured by the GWT Dev window, but are put in an unexpected place, under the "Starting Jetty" heading:
The message at the bottom is a client-side browser message stating the real error is logged on the server-side. It just wasn't clear what the server side might be.
  • The particular message I had found here indicated a NoClassDef exception on the SLF4J logger used by Hibernate. This matched up with not being able to even step into the HibernateUtil which was loading up all these classes at runtime just at the moment the HibernateUtil class was being initialized.
  • I first tried adding this class (and it's jar file) by performing all of these things unsuccessfully:
    • Explicitly including the hb project
    • Explicitly exporting the slf4j.jar from the hb project
    • Explicitly adding the slf4j.jar file on the CLASSPATH of the launch configuration.
    • About to add it to the WEB-INF/lib folder when I found out it was already there.
  • The solution was found on this website:Spring failures in hosted mode:
    • There is a gwt-dev-patch.jar that should be placed ahead of the gwt jar file for the OS.
    • I've placed the file in the Launch configuration since this isn't an issue when running it on a separate server.
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