GWT Setup From Sample

These steps are taken from the page Google provides for working with GWT projects under Maven:

First, open a workspace in Eclipse that supports the following:

  • SVN for accessing the code (there are alternatives to using SVN)
  • m2e plugin for using Maven with Eclipse
  • Maven installed (command line)
  • Google Plugin for working with GWT inside Eclipse

Use of Working Sets is recommended.

Bring in project from SVN

I've added the SVN repo for the Google GWT samples (expanded in the image below)


There are two projects within the samples directory which are setup to use Maven: MobileWebApp & Dynatablerf (Dynamic Table Request Factory). This uses DynatableRF

  • Right click on the dynatablerf item and choose "Check out as Maven project …". This starts the wizard for importing the project.

Working set is chosen but this is optional:

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