Combination of GWT and OpenID


Using Social Auth -

// OBSOLETE: Specifically using myOpenID's RPX. QuickStart//

Steps to setup

This assumes you've already got an OpenID account that can be used for testing.
These are the steps for setting this up at a high level:

  1. Setup RPX account by defining an RPXNow application at An apiKey should be provided.
  2. Code is provided to include on the login page. There is a script for a popup link as well as embedding an iframe within a page.
  3. The code requires the URL of a place a token will be POSTed to. This means we're using a servlet and not the GWT app running on the browser.
  4. The servlet should be registered with the webapp container and setup to serve the "token_url" described above.
  5. The servlet will receive the token and use the apiKey provided by as mentioned above to retrieve the user information.

Swimlane diagram for interaction

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