Upgrading Ultimate (2019)

Version 2018.3.3
Following these instructions:

These warnings were issued:

WARN: Karma not loaded: until build 171.SNAPSHOT < IU-183.5153.38
WARN: NodeJS not loaded: until build 171.SNAPSHOT < IU-183.5153.38
WARN: PhoneGap/Cordova Plugin not loaded: until build 171.SNAPSHOT < IU-183.5153.38
WARN: LiveEdit not loaded: until build 171.SNAPSHOT < IU-183.5153.38
WARN: PHP not loaded: until build 171.SNAPSHOT < IU-183.5153.38

Setting up Community / Ultimate Edition (from 2015)

Applicable to the Open Source project license as well

  • Downloaded Tarball and extracted to home directory (~/idea-IC-141.2735.5)
  • softlinked idea to that release directory
  • Run it from the idea/bin directory.
  • Add License

(Noticed that my mouse wasn't working; had to use touch screen to interact with the installation program, but once IntelliJ itself started, the mouse was being recognized.)

New Project

  • Started with Empty Project so I could set the location (outside VCS/git directory)
  • Under "Project Structure", open the Module "tab". The "+" does add modules but allows importing as well.
  • Navigate to the pom.xml file (triggers Maven import)
  • Specify new location for the project files (*.iml module files)
  • Turned on the Sources and Documentation download (being stored on the nexus server anyway).


  • Setup Vim plugin to run
  • With Open-Source license, able to install AngularJS plugin
  • Unable to connect to Jira; using You Track instead.
  • Version control is attached to git repo
  • Projects can be imported from Maven, but created a new project to start.
  • Had to change from Java 1.5 to 1.7 (need to make this permanent)
  • Add Templates
  • Choose Markdown support: MultiMarkdown supports the GitHub style and extensions.

App Server

  • Trying out the "IDEA Jetty Runner" Plugin ( Note that this is different from the built-in Jetty Integration plugin. The built-in expects that you've installed a separate Jetty server with a Home directory somewhere. The Runner includes the Jetty itself.
  • The tricky part is the classes folder appears to be empty if you haven't generated the classes before setting up the Jetty config. Re-generating the run config solved the problem.

Drawbacks with using Community Edition

  • Angular JS and regular JS not supported (may want to look at the WebStorm product's community edition)
  • My Jira instance is way old. Bringing in YouTrack license.
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