Invite Contents

The invitation contains a set of information for all invites, plus, for new users, instructions for installing the app and registering the device.

The invitation should be shareable and allow spreading the word easily about a particular outing. After we get the app installed we can worry about identifying users.

NOTE: Shareability of the Email has implications for any security tokens that might be included within the invite.

This is the list of items to be included:

Links for New Members

These items will only be included for Users who have not yet registered. The Invite module will know who has and who has not registered their device.

Item Name Description
1 Install Instructions Link to the Clue Ride page that describes how to Install the application.
2 How to Register your Device How-to (badgable?) for registering your device on the Clue Ride network.

Common Information

Item Name Description
1 Date of the Outing Human Readable format for the Date and Time of the Outing
2 Location of the Outing Link to the Map on the website for the Course Start
3 Course Details Name and Short description of the Course along with Link to the Clue Ride page that details the Course. Point out that preparations for the given course (what to bring, will there be food involved) are part of the website's page on the course. (and explain that outing details are shared from within the App according to the Privacy Policy)
4 Game Description Link to short description regarding how the game is played.
5 Guide's Name The person who is inviting you to join.

Footer Information

Item Name Description
1 Home Link to the Clue Ride Home Page
2 How to Fall in Love Link to the Clue Ride page for Falling in Love
3 Privacy Policy Link to the Clue Ride page for Privacy Policy
4 Contact Us Link to the Clue Ride page for Contacting Clue Ride
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