INV-fut Invite To Demo

Use Case - Invite to Demo


  • Visitor who may become an Armchair Seeker (and at a later time, a Solo Seeker)

Main Course


  • Visitor to the main website is curious about taking a Demo run through Clue Ride.


  • Present page that explains the following ("About Clue Ride Demo Course" page):
    • Demo of the game which can be run at home without a bicycle.
    • Either on a mobile device or desktop
    • Choice of logging in and earning badges, or playing anonymously.
    • Link to a description of the course
    • Link to a description of how to play the game
  • identify-yourself is an option as explained above.
  • Link to a page that shows anonymous invitation is other choice. The anonymous invitation is described as alternative course on the Prepare Invitations page.
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