Ionic DevApp

Ionic DevApp is a quick way to bring up code on a device without a full build for that device. DevApp is an app that you install on the device which then connects to a running instance of `ionic serve -c`.


Plug-in completeness

Cordova plugins are built into the app for many of the functions ClueRide requires, but some are missing:

  • Support for the custom-url-scheme plugin.
  • Not sure if this is iPhone specific or DevApp specific, but once I've launched a separate web page, there's no way to return to the application.

Inspecting the code

Also, I haven't yet found out how to inspect the device using Chrome tools. Perhaps Safari can connect (try this:

Was able to connect using Safari, but the app has to be compiled with Debug information and Ionic's DevApp is in production mode — not available for debugging.

  • I had some trouble getting the DevApp to find the running `ionic serve` instance. Opening the menu and specifying the IP address and port allowed the connection to work.


  • Need a new way to recognize the "Run In Test" mode so I can insert a token without hitting the Auth0 service.


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