Maintain Clueride Content

This includes use cases for creating, updating, and archiving Clueride Content. Clueride Content includes these badgeable items:

  • Routes
  • Paths
  • Attractions
  • Puzzles
  • Outings

These are the meat of the game. "Rangers" create the meals out in the field, and Guides serve the meals to Seekers.

Attractions are perhaps best captured using a mobile device with GPS and camera, but much maintenance can happen indoors as well.

Also see Maintain Content Design.


Use Cases




Mobile Capture

Pre-requisites Common to Mobile Editing of the Content

  • GPS-enabled device
  • Data plan that allows internet access
  • Account on the system
  • Pre-requisite badges have been earned for editing content


Also see Attraction Details

Edit Attractions in the Field

Enter New Attractions in the Field

Manage Incomplete Attractions

There are two sets of Incomplete Attractions:

  1. Attractions that engage Seekers during the playing of a Course
  2. Amenities that support or expand upon the playing of a Course

Those Attractions that are part of a Course have a Readiness Scale defined on the page Attraction Details

Amenities are either valid for including within its category for display during an Outing, or invalid for one of several reasons:

  • Safety - there is a hazardous condition that prevents visits to this Attraction.
  • Accuracy - information about this Attraction is no longer valid, image, name, URL or other details.
  • Timely - the attraction is not open at the publicized/recorded time: seasonal, operating hours, temporary unavailability.
  • Fun Factor / Experience / Uplifting - Does the attraction meet the overall goals?

Note that any Attraction can be flagged as having one of the problems above, but Readiness Level is only appropriate for Engaging Attractions.


UC List / View Locations without Routes
UC List / View Routes with reported problems
UC Show Route Map
UC Show Closest Location to Me
UC Find Routes connecting to Location
UC Find Route / Path between two Locations

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