Maintain Clueride Content

This includes use cases for creating, updating, and archiving Clueride Content. Clueride Content includes these badgeable items:

  • Routes
  • Paths
  • Locations
  • Puzzles
  • Outings

These are the meat of the game. "XXXX" create the meals, and Guides serve the meals to Seekers.

Locations are perhaps best captured using a mobile device with GPS and camera, but much maintenance can happen indoors as well.


Mobile Capture

Pre-requisites Common to Mobile Editing of the Content

  • GPS-enabled device
  • Data plan that allows internet access
  • Account on the system
  • Minimum badges have been earned for editing content


Also see Location Details


UC List / View Locations without Routes
UC List / View Routes with reported problems
UC Show Route Map
UC Show Closest Location to Me
UC Find Routes connecting to Location
UC Find Route / Path between two Locations

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